Breathe New Life Into The Old


Breathe new life into that which feels old.

Are you ready to release the stale darkness of a long, cold, quarantined winter?

Can you feel the hope and possibility in the shifting of seasons?

New Life

Spring's Approach

Here in the northern hemisphere, the longer days and brighter sun are lifting me up, brightening my outlook. The birds’ morning song is getting stronger. Those first few early birds are now joined by a growing chorus. There are two cardinals flitting about. Chasing? Playing? Mating? I bear witness to the story between them. The bright red of the male popping among the still brown of the brush; the female blending.  Their presence on the almost barren boughs suggests those small nubs will soon turn to buds that bloom. 

A bold red male cardinal sticks out among barren boughs of a tree
Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash


My neighborhood streets are practically flooded with friends walking their dogs. Mothers with strollers and joyful kids running and riding bikes. An eagerness to soak up the sun and breathe in spring wafts through the air. My husband and I dared to seek outdoor dining this past week. We were not alone; the patios of two local restaurants buzzed with laughter as delicious aromas filled our noses; the char of burgers, the hops of beer.

My Kids

My kids spend their midday breaks from class lounging on the porch eating lunch, reading books, and napping beneath the sun. Their conversation has turned to talk of water sports, hiking, and summer camp.  Jules cannot wait to launch the kayak from the beach down the street. Ben has taken to walks with our excited mutt, Mia. Rosie revels in daily cross-country practice and quickly approaching meets. Their energy has shifted; raising the vibration of the whole house.

An eager dog on a leash wagging her tail in the sunlight on a dirt path
Photo by Carrie Baquié

My Recovery

Even my health recovery journey, having plateaued and stalled, feels reinvigorated, These new doctors that I have discovered are breathing new life into that which feels old and weary. My body, pulsing with new treatments, responds with an aching hope. The ache a reflection of the biotoxins being released from my body. The hope that this elimination will remove barriers to healing. I feel the promise of better, brighter, fuller days.


Do you feel the hope? The ways, big and small, your world is shifting, growing, improving?

Do you see the possibility? In releasing what no longer serves, discovering new opportunities, leaning into all that is unfolding.

May your world be filled with all the bits and pieces that breathe new life into that which feels old!

new life in the form of seedling appears to be growing out of the palm of a hand
Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash