Draw a Line in the Sand: Later 2020, Hello 2021!

Draw a line in the sand!

Today is the day we draw a line in the sand. A line marking the close of 2020 and a fresh new start with 2021.

Sand is malleable

Why in the sand? Because it’s a soft, malleable line. Some would even say it’s an arbitrary line; a byproduct of society and standardization. A practice of making solid that which is not. Then again, the Cosmos gives us guidance with the Earth’s daily spin and yearly orbit around the sun.

Photo Credit: Greg Rakozy

Sand is easy to draw in

Why a line in the sand? Because each of us can easily do it; draw that line. It’s a choice to release the old. God knows releasing 2020 and all its intensities will serve us well! We need to let go of the shock, pain and disruption this year has delivered. 

And it’s a chance to accept the new; new hope, new possibility. It’s not that the pandemic, racial injustices, or social unrest will simply go away. They won’t. But we can start anew with fresh eyes and a lighter heart. 

2020 changed each of us dramatically; it shook us to our core. And whether you’ve come to accept it yet or not, if you are still here, you are stronger and perhaps a bit wiser for surviving. 

A man at the top of a massive climbing wall having overcome immense obstacles
Photo Credit: Victor Xok

I am not gaslighting the trauma of 2020. It is real. We will carry it with us for generations in ways big and small. And we draw a line in the sand demarcating a new beginning of healing; moving forward with faith and hope.

Sand changes with us

Again, why draw a line in the sand? Because either the next tide, rain or wind blow will wash it away. This allows us to choose again and again to start anew; each year, month, week, day, hour, and moment. Indeed, in each moment we have a choice how we will look at the world, what words we will use, what actions we will take. Each is an opportunity to heal, love and serve; to live, laugh and grow.

Draw your Own Line

Finally, so much pressure is created around starting the New Year “right” with goals, a plan, and maybe even a word or theme.  While I am a huge fan of envisioning my future, it’s not for everyone. The pressure can be too much. So, instead of getting caught up in the shoulds, I ask that you give yourself at least a couple of minutes to get quiet, be still and reflect on what you dream for 2021 and beyond. Allow yourself to draw a line in the sand that is completely yours. Let it speak to your heart and soul. Own it. Embrace it. Then share a piece of it with me in the comments. As you do, feel the love that I am sending your way in celebration of you, your line, your choice. Happy New Year!

A gathering of  flowers, small pillows and shade on the beach for contemplating drawing your line in the sand.
Choose your own space, your own line