Embrace the Power of a Plan: Master Your Health

Embrace the power of a plan! 

What do you want to achieve in life? How are you going to get there? Do you have a plan?

A plan creates the roadmap for reaching your desired destination. A good plan defines the how, why, what, when, where and who will help you achieve your goals. The most effective plan breaks your intentions into bite size doable pieces. Keeping individual task small feeds into the mental game of follow through. If you think you can finish a task in a manageable amount of time, you are much more likely to start. And when you complete that first small task, there is a sense of accomplishment that motivates you to do more.

Embracing the power of a plan by using a roadmap and journal to track individual steps
Photo Credit: Oxana V

I mentioned earlier that I built a plan to master my health after my latest disappointing round of visits with specialists. Now, I am going to start breaking that plan down for you as an example of how to climb a mountain one step at a time.

The first step is identifying the individual components of my health challenges. What needs my attention? What are my limitations? How can I move the needle? For me these areas are


      Brain & Neurology

      Metabolism & Movement



Mindset is the most important aspect of any plan. Ask yourself: What is your mental game? How are you preparing to show up every day? How are you approaching each task? What do you believe is possible? Who and what do you have faith in?

A notepad displaying the mindset: You’re capable of amazing things
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I have to believe that I can make a difference in the trajectory of my illness. My faith that I will be guided by God, my Inner Wisdom, and my small team of practitoners grounds me. 

I am embracing a plan that allows me to show up with a growth mindset rooted in possibility. I bookend each day with morning and evening habits that set the tone of my waking and sleeping. Most days, I get up and go to bed at the same times. This encourages a natural rhythm in my body.

My morning routine is about opening up to the day; rousing my brain and body, giving space for gratitude and prayer, and setting my intentions. Conversely, my evening routine winds down the day; tying up loose ends, letting go of the undone, and settling my mind. 

I am approaching each task with love. Love, faith, hope and determination. It matters because my plan to master my health is critical to regaining my full functionality.

A doctor recently asked me if I was happy hanging out on disability?

Hell no!

A young girl with a defiant face and her thumbs down
Photo Credit: Thomas Park

I am so grateful that I have the much needed  time and space through Disability to allow my body to heal. AND I still have so much to give to my family,  my friends and the world at large. My full impact remains undone. I refuse to accept my current limitations as the end state. This purpose drives me forward; motivating me to keep at it, keep biting off those small chewable pieces.

Mindset matters. It is the foundation for all other plan components. Love, faith, hope and determination paired with morning and evening routines allow me to embrace my plan for healing with an energized, open heart, mind and spirit.

So, how can you embrace the power of a plan?

What are the components of the mountain you want to climb?

What first step will you take today?

Steps leading the way up a rich,  green, forested mountain.
Photo Credit: Bee Balogun