Where Have You Been?

Hello Again written across aqua screen with confetti coming down
Hello Again! So Glad to be back in your company!

As one begins to emerge from the cocoon they have been in, the question of “where have you been?” pops up with increasing frequency. Returning from a hiatus that lasted much longer than I expected, I am back to answer this question. Some of you may have been along for the ride over the last 7 months through my social media. If you are bummed you missed out, then join me on Facebook and Instagram now.

For others, I last wrote you in June 2021 about Riding the Waves of Chronic Illness and a low part in my recovery journey. At that point, I was coming face to face with the reality that there was a massive mold issue in our home blocking my road to recovery. I  shared with my fabulous email community that I needed to redirect my energy to health, house and family. If you would like the insider track on what’s going on and insights on rediscovering a life you love while living with chronic illness, join my email community here.

Back to the mold which was not just making me sick but also impacting the rest of my family’s health. In order to even get the contractors to give us a mold remediation proposal, we first had to move 95% of our belongings out of our house.  Any idea what a monster tasl that was after 15 years of growing our family of 5? It’s crazy how much STUFF accumulates!

If only this is what Summer ’21 looked like! Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Then Came Summer

It took another 2 months after moving our belongings out to secure a contractor. In the meantime, the kids were out of virtual school and the world was opening back up again. I instantly transformed into a full time unpaid Uber driver; no tips, no nothing! Just moments of quality time sprinkled between dashing from here to there. I was also hitting it hard with ongoing medical treatment to obliterate the Lyme Disease and purge the build up of mold toxins from my body.

So when September rolled around, sending the kids back to in person school for the first time in 18 months thrilled us all! Alleluia! It was even more exciting to start the remediation. While the project was estimated to take 3-4 weeks it ended up taking almost 3 months as they found more and more hidden mold.


The remediation focused solely on demolition; taking so many walls, ceilings and floors down to the studs. The rebuild is separate and still ongoing. Our two full baths and kitchen ceiling are still in the process of rebuilt. Once the contractors finish; that’s it!

Actually, we renovated every single room in the house in this process over the last several years. So, truly, there is nothing left to do  besides moving the rest of our belongings back in from storage.

I wish you all were local so we could have a grand celebration!

So much to celebrate!

Shifting into Service

So, what else have i been up to? I have been healing; taking my recovery to the next level and it feels so good! I am incredibly grateful for the new doctors I found last spring who are helping me move leaps and bounds forward on my healing path.

As my physical and cognitive stamina grow stronger, I have turned my attention to how I can use what I have learned on my health journey to help others. Looking at my 30+ years of navigating chronic depression, 30+ years deep diving into personal development and over 20 years of project management experience

My goal and heart’s desire is to empower others facing chronic illness and long term health challenges to rediscover hope, healing and thriving through coaching, advocacy, and education.

Recently, I began the process of becoming a holistic coach certified by the International Coaching Federation through the Holistic Coach Training Institute. The holistic approach focuses on integrating wellness at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Stepping into My Soul Purpose

Doing this program is another beautiful step towards coming home to my soul purpose. I have already logged hours practicing with fellow coaches and friends. These sessions feel so natural and aligned. Already, I can feel the positive impact I am having on other people’s lives. I am also really excited about the framework I have developed using the Chronic Illness Life Cycle as a pathway to hope, healing and thriving. If you would like to explore how we can partner together to help you rediscover a life you love, schedule a complimentary 30 minute call here.