Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired?

You are not alone - The power to reclaim a life you love is within you!

Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired?

You are not alone - The power to reclaim a life you love is within you!

Are your health challenges ruling your life?


Does the prospect of living with your illness long term scare you? Are all the “what ifs” taking over your thoughts? We can’t predict the future, but we can take back control in the present.


Maybe you were barely keeping it together before you “officially” got sick. Now there’s appointments, therapies, and medicine on top of home, work, and family. Time to realign and prioritize!


Does it feel like no one else could possibly understand what you are going through? Yes, your experience is unique but the loss, grief and loneliness are universal. You are not alone! 


Are you struggling to be heard and seen by your doctors? Family and friends? Does it sometimes feel like your experience doesn’t matter? Well it does! You and your voice matter! 

Together, we can you reclaim a life you love


There is nothing more powerful than working one on one to get clear on where you are now, where you want to be  and how the heck you are going to get from here to there. 


Sharing my story of struggle & triumph with universal themes that lead to important conversations about our experience as women living with long term health challenges.


Courses & Group Coaching to help you achieve clarity and breakthroughs around what is keeping you stuck and how to move forward towards your vision of a better life.

Carrie was an extreme joy to work with. Her ability to connect with her clients is truly a gift - one that made me feel seen and heard. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Holistic Healing Coach. What an honour, thank you again Carrie.

- W.O.

About me

Hi there! As a Wellbeing Empowerment Coach I specialize in helping women living with long term health challenges to break through their emotional, mental and spiritual barriers so that they can make space for physical healing. Using a holistic approach, we partner together so that you can get unstuck and redefine your version of thriving.

Living with long term health challenges can leave you feeling scared, lonely and overwhelmed. But you are not alone. It is possible to transform your health experience, rediscover hope and reclaim a life you love. Coaching is the perfect way to connect with your Inner Wisdom and identify your external resources. In addition to helping you with your health challenges, I also help moms navigate life with a sick child.

Happy Clients

It is my greatest joy to help women transform their experience of illness. I am grateful for these reflections on our collaborations together.

I have so much gratitude in my heart for Carrie. Working with her has been a truly unique coaching experience. She has helped me to dig deeper into my desires and dreams, and pull out this light I didn’t even know was there. Working with her keeps me excited about where I am, and where I am going. The best part of my experience has been getting more in touch with my heart and my soul's purpose. She uses her incredible intuition and connection to Source to help me go within myself and find the answers I have longed for.
- B.R.
Carrie was able to instantly connect with my ideas and dreams and understood their values. She is a gifted, intuitive listener and I felt really heard. She asks the right questions, provides the right level of feedback while giving you control. Carrie gets it and her empathy is genuine. She is incredibly insightful, funny, heart-centered and result oriented. She helped me demystify my inner thoughts and create well thought out strategies that sit well with my intentions. I was surprised at how easy it is to make changes, take actions and reach goals once we identified the hurdles. Carrie is very perceptive and she reads people extremely well. Her sincerity in wanting to serve others is the real deal. Her observations and intuitive coaching styles create fast results.
Coaching with Carrie has been a truly unique experience that has helped me grow in my personal and professional life. She asks questions that invite you to go beyond the surface. I leave each session with inspired actions until our next session that helped me stay focused on my desired outcome. Carrie has a direct and intuitive energy about her that creates a coaching space for expansion and growth.

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& Reclaim a Life You Love?

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