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Our mission is to help those with chronic illness transform their lives through empowering 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and online courses. We are founded on the belief that each one of us is the authority on our own body, has a voice that matters, and deserves to be heard and seen in the entirety of our experience. 

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My Name is Carrie Baquié

I am a chronic illness coach empowering those with long term health challenges to rediscover hope, healing and thriving so that they can reclaim the life they love and desire. As a holistic coach, I partner with my clients to build wellness at the physical, emotiona, mental and spiritual levels. We work together to build support from loved ones, shift mindsets, advocate for their needs, realign with their values and implement medical recommendations. On a more personal note, I am a spunky mom of three teens and brain injury survivor who transformed chaos and overwhelm into thriving through an unstoppable mindset grounded in soul-centered strategy. I spent 20 years in corporate as a Project Manager organizing and coordinating teams, greasing the wheels on tasks, and generally getting the job done. In early 2019 I experienced a stroke that was compounded by Lyme disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (aka Mold Illness) It took 1.5 years to diagnose the stroke and another year to diagnose the Lyme disease and mold illness. Through my journey I have ridden the rollercoaster ride that is chronic illness; deeply struggled, fought to be heard and seen, and ultimately found persistent hope and healing by shifting my mindset, applying my project management skills, and refusing to give up. Now, I am using what I learned to help others like you move from fear, isolation, and overwhelm to hope, healing and thriving.


How to Work With Me

Beth T. 


I’ve known Carrie for over 20 years. She is an incredibly inspiring person to know. Her passion and dedication to the issues and causes she believes in is a driving force in her life, whether it’s her own personal challenges or things she sees happening in the world. She is a powerful advocate and agent of change. Having collaborated with her on creating PWCA, Professional Women’s Collaborative of Annapolis, I have had the opportunity to witness what a visionary she is! I loved the creative and fun process that emerged from our collaboration; I know she brings this energy and enthusiasm to all her working relationships with clients and colleagues.

In recent years, her own healing journey has been at the heart of the inspiration for her emerging body of work. It has been an honor to witness her process as she committed deeply to her own healing and transformation. As she has begun to return to a state of greater wellbeing, her passion to help others with chronic illness has emerged strongly. Her insights and understanding have much to offer in this area; and her programming is well-structured and accessible for those needing support in recovery from chronic illness.


Liz C.


Carrie continues to amaze me. Her insights, wisdom, knowledge and consistency is not only refreshing but also clearly explained and offered to you for you own journey of health and clarity. She focuses on self compassion, living life to the fullest as it is offered to you at the moment, and as she just said in a post – showing up and living the best moment (day, week,year) you can.

Suzette L. 


I met Carrie over a decade ago in Leadership Anne Arundel. Since then, we have continued to cultivate our personal and professional relationship. Carrie has a knack for identifying needs then developing solutions that meet the need. She tackles challenges with a positive attitude and grace, bringing energy and light to all she does. She also keeps it real with her honesty and sense of humor. Carrie is a fierce advocate for self-care! When you are working through a challenge with her, she listens intently, shares insights, and gently reminds you to trust yourself, which builds your confidence. When you spend time with Carrie, you come away feeling stronger with a sense of clarity and purpose.

One of the hardest things about chronic illness is the unpredictability of flare ups.

Flare ups can drop in out of nowhere and totally kick your butt. 

Although they may be unpredictable, they don’t have to put you in a tailspin.

With Your Flare Up Recovery Plan you can customize a plan that lays out the essential information to transform a flare up from a deep ditch into a small bump in the road.

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