What is coaching like?

One on One coaching with Carrie is a high touch, customized experience for women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are ready to start moving towards their version of thriving. These women are hopeful, even if just a little bit, that they can break free of the fear, overwhelm, isolation and whatever else is keeping them stuck. You and Carrie will collaborate together with a focus on transforming your experience of illness in mind, body and spirit. You must be curious and open to receiving guidance both from Carrie and from the wisdom that waits within you to be heard.

What kind of women are these programs designed for?

Coaching Programs

Vitality Path Program

What’s the focus of this program?

Through the  Vitality Path Program we will transform your health experience at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so that you can get back to living a life you love.

At each of the four holistic levels, we will dive deep into:
Packages & Pricing
  • 6 and 12 month packages available
  • Prices range from $3000 – 6000

Wellbeing Routine

What’s the focus of this program?​

In this program, we will focus on developing healthy habits related to physical, emotional, mental  and spiritual wellness that align with your core values.

Through this program you will gain clarity, confidence and empowerment by exploring at each of the four levels:
Packages & Pricing
  • 6 and 12 month packages available
  • Prices range from $3000 – $6000

Mom’s Map: Navigating Life with a Sick Child

What’s the focus of this program?​

This powerful program is geared towards shifting out of fear, overwhelm and isolation when living with a child who has long term health challenges.

Based on the priorities we define together at the beginning of our time together, we will work to:
Packages & Pricing
  • 6 and 12 month packages available
  • Prices range from $3000 – $6000

Jumpstart Strategy Session

What’s the focus of this program?​

A 90 minute session where we strategize how to take back your power and own your voice related to a pressing health challenge. We will prioritize next steps for moving forward towards your version of better.

Focus Areas:
  • Session price – $375

What you can learn through Wellbeing Empowerment Coaching

Holistic coaching approaches wellbeing at the levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When we intergrate these four levels of wellbeing, enduring positive change takes hold.

My proprietary Chronic Illness Life Cycle depicts the common progression of patients from initial onset & crisis through to healing, thriving and serving. It sets the framework for the Vitality Path by helping not only to identify and overcome barriers, but also discover a path forward.

Our thoughts are the foundation of our words and actions. These actions shape our experience. By shifting how we think, we can transform our reality. There are 12 essential mindset shifts that help to move you through the Chronic Illness Life Cycle. 

We spend far too much time giving our power away to external authorities regardless of whether they deserve it or not. The truth is that our deepest wisdom lies within us. No one knows our mind, body and spirit, like we know ourselves, if we just listen.

You deserve to be heard and seen. You deserve to have your experiences validated.  Let’s help you find your voice and take back your control.

In our darkest times, the potentially hardest AND most important action we can take is a Leap of Faith that we are guided and supported in immeasurable ways on this plane and beyond. We are all connected. By tapping into our faith and interconnected web of life, we gain strength, hope and comfort.

You are not Wonder Woman and you were not mean to do it all. Now, as you focus on healing, it is critical that you realign so that you can release what no longer serves you and stayed grounded in action that moves the needle forward for you.

How many times has a new doctor asked you all the same questions as the last doctor? What are your symptoms? When did they start? What labs have you done? What were they results? What have other doctors concluded? You check your phone, scratch your head, trying to remember. Stop the madness!  Get all these answers pulled together in a neatly organized medical binder that allows you to easily give your doctor the information s/he needs.

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I’ve known Carrie for over 20 years. She is an incredibly inspiring person to know. Her passion and dedication to the issues and causes she believes in is a driving force in her life, whether it’s her own personal challenges or things she sees happening in the world. She is a powerful advocate and agent of change. Having collaborated with her on creating PWCA, Professional Women’s Collaborative of Annapolis, I have had the opportunity to witness what a visionary she is! I loved the creative and fun process that emerged from our collaboration; I know she brings this energy and enthusiasm to all her working relationships with clients and colleagues. In recent years, her own healing journey has been at the heart of the inspiration for her emerging body of work. It has been an honor to witness her process as she committed deeply to her own healing and transformation. As she has begun to return to a state of greater wellbeing, her passion to help others with chronic illness has emerged strongly. Her insights and understanding have much to offer in this area; and her programming is well-structured and accessible for those needing support in recovery from chronic illness.


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