Choose to Let Love Lead the Way!

Choose to Let love lead the way!

Last week I was fired up about the doctors who recently failed me. I told you about the part of me that is rising louder and stronger. I also told you about the part of me that is ready to kick ass and take names.

Now I need to clarify how I am going to do that, motivation wise. Honestly, I was angry at the doctors. I was angry at the medical system. I felt alone and abandoned. The doctors’ failure to see me as a wife, mother, daughter, friend,  business woman – any of these roles – triggered me. It triggered old wounds from my past; traumas that occasionally still bleed.

Graffiti artwork of a outstretched half clenched palm with open angry mouth In the center.
Photo Credits: Heather M. Edwards

My behaviors and successes in my younger years were driven by anger and hurt. I was motivated by the likes of

      “You won’t help me? I’ll figure it out myself!”

      “You don’t see me? I’ll show you!”

Sound familiar?

Then, in my late twenties, as I prepared for starting a family, I dug deep and spent about 18 months healing the anger that literally oozed from me. I changed my behaviors and my source of motivation. I shifted from anger to love. I chose to let love lead the way. I am both very proud of and grateful for that work which changed the trajectory and quality of my life.

So, when I reacted with anger last week and built a plan driven by that anger, it didn’t sit right. I’ve struggled this week to implement that plan. A big part of that struggle is my “why;” the reasons behind the activities in the plan. I don’t want to live my life engulfed by anger. I choose to let love lead the way. I choose to lean into my Inner Wisdom. I choose to embrace the source of all things that empowers us to live our best lives.

A woman kneeling on a bed flipping her hair in anger and frustration with books surrounding her on the bed and flying through the air.
Photo Credits: Lacie Slezak

To be clear, it’s okay to get angry; scream, cry, or rant. Let it out! Feel it! Move through it! You must do these things! Then let it go!

You know that plan of mine? It’s still the same plan, but now my why is different. I’m swapping out the toxic, negative energy for healing, inspirational energy. My reasons are rooted in love:

        Love of myself

        Love of my potential

        Love of my family

        Love of my friends

        Love of the good health I yearn for

I am rising stronger with love as my guide. As I choose to let love lead the way, I feel lighter and more capable. I now see open doors that were hidden by the fog of my angst. 

A photo of a open green house door from a lush inside looking out to a path leading into the distance
Photo Credits: Annie Spratt

AND Choosing love is not a one shot deal. It is a moment by moment opportunity to choose.


And now.

And again.

So, what emotions are driving your behaviors today?

Are those emotions in line with who you want to be?



And now.

And again.

A woman with a t-shirt that says Choose Love across the back! Let love lead the way!
Photo Credits: Malcolm Lightbody

May it be so!