You Are Not Broken; You are Whole

You are not broken, it’s your story that remains unfinished.

Do ever feel broken?

In body, mind, or soul?

Do you ever feel undone?

Inadequate or incomplete?

I am Not Broken

A Writing Prompt

The other day, I wrote an answer to a writing prompt based on a quote from Amanda Gorman’s incredible inaugural poem. The prompt variation: You are not broken, you are simply unfinished.

My gut response was to unexpectedly recoil just a bit. Up until a month ago, I would have been cheerleading this idea until the end of days. We are not broken, let’s finish this! The power is ours to choose and become! Just a few weeks ago, I would have been coming from a place of nagging fear that I am not enough and that my value comes from the human world outside of me. 

A black and white  phot of an adoring crowd at a concert.
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A Shift in Understanding

In recent weeks, as I come to understand the essential ideas in A Course in Miracle, I have had this amazing shift in my thinking. I do believe that our higher selves source from love and light. I do believe that fear forms the foundation of the ego-mind; the mind we rely so heavily on. In fact, our very human mistake rests in allowing the fear to distort our understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and the Universe. Fear is the drug, love is the answer.

We are born out of love and light; that which extends beyond all boundaries and is the source of all. Neither love nor light can be divided. Similarly, we are born from love and light whole and complete. At our core, we cannot be broken. We cannot be diminished.

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These ideas deeply resonate with my Core Knowing . As they rapidly begin taking front row seating in my thinking, I feel a pressure gauge on my soul releasing its steam. I am enough. Nothing in this life can break me. No trauma or wound can make me less than. You are enough. There is nothing anyone can do to you to diminish your higher self; your core being. Even though I can’t fully get my head around this yet, I know it speaks the truth. I know accepting that we are inherently whole and worthy brings me back to my true self.

My Response

It was my new understanding that spoke loudest when I read the prompt earlier this week.

You are not broken, you are simply unfinished.

I felt myself recoil. I am not broken, it’s my story that remains unfinished. You are not broken, it’s your story that remains unfinished. We are not broken. To say that I am unfinished plays into the Inner Demons that insist I am broken, not enough, simply undone. Honestly, I can no longer condone this voice speaking so loudly. 

Young woman with her hand up saying no to those loud negative voices
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For me, this quote requires a reframing. It is not me that is unfinished, but rather my story. Within life’s journey lies the power of learning, understanding  and growing. We all are writing the stories of our lives with every breath, thought, and action. I commit to traveling this road of life with passion and authenticity; curiosity and openness. I commit to listening to the Inner Whispers of my soul and speaking the truth in my heart. And by so doing, I will experience the wonder and beauty of my wholeness.

You Are Not Broken

Will you join me?

Where is fear driving your story?

Can you let love lead the way?

How will you travel this road of life?

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