Full Spectrum Living

The sun shining brightly on a Dreamcat her held against the blue sky

A Dream Maker’s How To

     Do you have a dream, but are stuck in overwhelm? Are you looking for a Dream Maker’s How To? I’ve been there! And I have learned some tricks for breaking through the overwhelm and achieving big dreams.       Have I told you I am writing a book? This is one of my two big dreams that

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A male and female mallard swim through a salt marsh

Lessons from a Salt Marsh

For the past week, I have been staying with my three children in a small cottage overlooking a beautiful salt marsh off the southern Maine coast. Watching the fascinating tidal ebb and flow throughout the day has me pondering lessons from a salt marsh. On the surface, it seems very straight forward. When the tide

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Making it a Dance

How are you my friends? How are you doing in this new time of rapid change, deep fear and amplified uncertainty? How are you managing the new imperative to distance ourselves from one another? Are you making it a dance or are you hunkered down under the covers?Social distancing is what the decision makers are

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It’s about the And…

Hello friends and newcomers alike! Here’s the story behind It’s about the And. I am a forty-something wife and mother; daughter and sister; friend and confidante. I am a lover of life and the journey it entails. I am a life-long learner passionate about making the most of the good life and continually gaining a

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