The Myth of Strong

Hard times demand strength, but there is a Myth of Strong. The fallacy equates strength to independence; finding the inner resources to survive on your own. This sets up a false dichotomy that you are either strong and independent or weak and needy. Certainly getting through any crisis; whether related to health, money or relationships, […]

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How to Take Charge of Change

Managing Inevitable Change Take charge of change to achieve desired outcomes faster. Change is inevitable; an absolute truth that cannot be avoided. The question is whether you will direct the change in your life or it will direct you? You can let the change take you where it wants to; landing you in unexpected and

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Breathe New Life Into The Old

Breathe Breathe new life into that which feels old. Are you ready to release the stale darkness of a long, cold, quarantined winter? Can you feel the hope and possibility in the shifting of seasons? New Life Spring’s Approach Here in the northern hemisphere, the longer days and brighter sun are lifting me up, brightening

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